Saturday, May 5, 2018

RIP Marcello Verziera

Word has come from the Carlo Pedersoli family, that on May 3, 2018 boxer, stuntman and actor Marcello Verziera had died in Rome. He was 83. Verziera was a middleweight boxer before starting his career in films. His first film was in 1968’s “If You Meet Sartana Pray for Your Death”  as a Tampico henchman. His first appearance in the Spencer / Hill universe came in 1970 “They Call Me Trinity”, where he played one of the three bandits Bud shoots during his first appearance in the film. Verziera's roles with Bud and Terence were always rather small, but very numerous. A total of 20 times he appeared Bud and Terence, the last time in 1988 in the series “Big Man”. Other westerns include: “Trinity is STILL My Name” (1971), “It Can be Done Amigo” (1972), “Life Is Tough, Eh Providence?” (1972), “Man of the East” (1972), “The Crazy Adventures of Len and Coby” (1974), “Macho Killers” (1977), “Buddy Goes West” (1981), “Arizona Road” (1990).

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