Thursday, May 17, 2018

New Book Release

Mario Brega: Ce Sto Io… Ce Sta De Niro
Author: Ezio Cardarelli

Country: Italy
Publisher: ad est dell’equatore
Language: Italian
Pages: 198
ISBN 97889579784
EAN: 9788899381493

Life and "works" by Mario Brega. On May 17 it arrives at bookstores "Ce sto io e poi ce De Niro", the only biography on the Roman character, stuntman and cult actor of Italian cinema. The author is Ezio Cardarelli. The text contains the memories of Carlo Verdone, with an introduction by Marco Giusti and an appendix dedicated to the filmography edited by Alberto Castellano.

Brega provided an important and personal contribution to Sergio Leone's Italian westerns. But the line that gives the title to the book was given by the actor during an interview on the set of "Once Upon a Time in America".

Apart from Leone, Brega worked with directors such as Dino Risi, Luciano Salce, Steno, Nanny Loy and Pietro Germi, and, of course, with Verdone. Who called him for his debut behind the camera: the brilliant success of "Un sacco bello" in 1980. But Verdone also had Brega play a role in "Borotalco".

 "There's me and then there's De Niro" is a funny and at times hilarious tale for Italian cinema lovers and for the "adepts" of the sayings of Mario Brega. Cardarelli tells anecdotes, legends, improbable situations of an arch-martyr, who disappeared from the capital city of Rome in 1994, at the age of seventy-one.

"It is Sergio Leone - writes Giusti - who built the myth of Mario Brega in our cinema in" For a Fistful of Dollars" and in "For a Few Dollars More", it is then Carlo Verdone who fixed him forever as a coitus Roman comic character. Of course, he also asked him that day, in the studios of Alvaro Mancori in Settebagni, Sergio Leone chose him and not Renato Baldini or some other Italian actor of the second level. And he answered himself: "Because I had a good face. I was bad but I had a good face."

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