Sunday, May 6, 2018

The Heart of the Red Man

Coeur ardent – French title
Gloeiend Hart - ? title
The Heart of the Red Man – English title

A 1912 French film production [Gaumont (Paris)]
Director: Jean Durand
Screenplay: Frank Dilnotte
Cinematography:  [black & white]
Running time: 11 minutes


After Sitting Bear rejects Coeur Ardent/Blazing Heart as a suitor for his daughter, Sun Ray (Firefly), the two lovers steal another tribe’s cattle as an offering to her father. Again rebuffed and told to return the herd, Coeur Ardent is captured by the other tribe and forced to undergo a “trial” in which he has to ride off while being shot at. Although wounded, he and his horse cross a wide river, and he collapses on the shore. Sun Ray hears the shooting, reaches him, and he takes her rifle to shoot several pursuing warriors from the other tribe. Sitting Bear now accepts Coeur Ardent’s bravery and agrees to the couple’s marriage.

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