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Who Are Those Composers? ~ Javier Elorrieta

Javier Elorrieta was born in Madrid in 1950 as Javier Elorrieta Pérez de Diego. He began his professional career as a composer for films. Later he collaborated with his father, the director José María Elorrieta [1921-1974]. Starting in 1971 he made several short films and became an advertising director. In 1975 he created his own production company, Origen SA, with which he made several films awarded at different festivals.

In 1979, he directed his first feature film, “La larga noche de los bastones blancos” (The Long Night of the White Canes), for which he won several prizes, including one awarded by the Ministry of Culture to the best new director.

On several occasions he has directed international film stars. In 1989 he directed the film “Blood and Sand” starring Sharon Stone and based on the novel of the same title, by Vicente Blasco Ibáñez. In 1991 he directed the comedy “Los gusanos no llevan bufanda” with Roddy McDowall, the star of “Planet of the Apes” and Anthony Perkins, the mythical protagonist of “Psycho”. In 1993 he directed the feature film “Cautivos de la sombra”, based on the Nadal prize “La otra orilla de la droga”, by José Luis de Tomás. In 1995 he directed the film “Demasiado caliente para ti”, and in 1996 the feature film for television “Tu pasado con condena”, that same year he made the TV series “Contigo pan y cebolla” for TVE. In 1997 he directed for Antena3, the series “Arévalo & Cía”, which he repeated in 1998 and 1999. In 2000 he made the “Paraíso” series for the first TVE, which he directed again from 2001-2003. In 2002 he also directed the feature film “Pacto de brujas”. In 2005-2006 he directed the film “Intense Red” and in 2007 he directed “Humo y Azahar”.

In 2009 Elorrieta edited his first record as an interpreter published by the label Autor, with the title “Ne me quitte pas”, in which he reviews jazz rhythms of French songs. In 2011 he recorded his second album "Boheme - El amor perdido" in the same style. In 2012 he directed the theatrical work Witness of charge of Agatha Christie . In that same year, his third album "Souvenir Souvenir", which mixes bossa nova, jazz and pop is released. In 2014 he published his fourth album "Temps d'aimer", where he re-fuses jazz and French song.

His daughter, Barbara Elorietta [1978-    ], is also a film actress.

ELORRIETA  Javier (Javier Elorrieta Pérez de Diego) [1950, Madrid, Madrid, Spain - ] – director, writer, composer, actor, son of producer, director, writer José María Elorrieta (José María Elorrieta de Lacy) [1921–1974], father of actress Bárbara Elorrieta [1978-    ], founded , Origen SA Productions
If You Shoot... You Live! - 1975

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