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Who Are Those Composers? ~ Enrique Escobar

Enrique Escobar Sotés was born in Jaen, Linares, Spain on September 2, 1921. A composer, pianist and conductor he studied piano and Law in Granada, but from the outset he decided to pursue a life in music. He worked as a pianist in Madrid and Barcelona, and also lead various orchestras. After several tours of Latin American countries he arrived in Barcelona where he finally settled and dedicated to the end of his life the writing of musicals for the stage and composing soundtracks for several films of the sixties and seventies. Escobar worked closely with director Ignacio Iquino on his films and behind the scenes beginning in 1961. Escobar scored many of Iquino’s films besides being a film editor, accountant, personal secretary, house painter and executor of his will. He used several aliases during his career such as Henry Escob, Henry Escobar and Henry Soteh. Enrique composed scores for 11 Euro-westerns from "Joe Dexter" (1965) to "The Fat Brothers of Trinity" (1973). A few of the better known titles are "Stagecoach of the Condemned" (1970) with Richard Harrison, "Four Candles for Garringo" (1971) with Robert Woods and "Twenty Paces to Death" (1972) with Dean Reed. Escobar died on February 12, 2004 in Barcelona, Spain.

ESCOBAR, Enrique (aka Henry Escob, Henry Escobar, Henry Ferreyol, Henry Soteh) (Enrique Escobar Sotés) [9/2/1921, Jaen, Linares, Spain – 2/12/2004, Barcelona, Cataluña, Spain] – writer, film editor, composer, conductor, arranger, songwriter, actor.
Joe Dexter – 1965
Dollar of Fire – 1966 (co)
$5.00 for Ringo – 1966 (co)
The Ruthless Colt of the Gringo* – 1966 (co)
7 Pistols for a Gringo - 1966
Stagecoach of the Condemned – 1970
Twenty Paces to Death - 1970
Dig Your Grave Friend... Sabata's Coming - 1971
4 Candles for Garringo - 1971
The Fabulous Trinity – 1972
My Horse, My Gun, Your Widow – 1972 (co)
Fat Brothers of Trinity – 1973

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