Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Who Are Those Guys? ~ Dan Bubulici

Dan Andrea Bubulici was born in Zimnicea, Teleorman, Romania on December 4, 1945, a port on the Danube River in the South of Romania, Teleorman county, but grew-up in Arad, Transylvania, as his father was an Army officer and he had to move around with his family. After finishing drama classes at the Romanian "Theatre and Film Institute" (IATC) Bucharest in 1968, he worked as an actor at the Theatre Arad, Theatre Targu Mures, Theatre "Mihai Eminescu" Botosani till 1978, and Theatre "Fani Tardini" Galati till 1984. In 1986, while filming his second film "The Golden Train" in East Berlin, the capital of the German Democratic Republic at that time, he defected the "communist system", passing through Hungaria to "Yugoslavia", via Triest, to Italy where he asked for "political asylum" in the United States of America. At the end of the year he settled in Akron, Ohio, where he started to work as a painter. After five months his wife and daughter were released from Romania joining him, but they did not get along well together, so they left, by the end of the year for Germany. In 1988 he moved to Hollywood, Florida, continuing to paint buildings, churches, hospitals and schools. Then he made a trip to South America, settling at the end of 1989 in Germany, where he tried again to live with his family, which did not work out, so that after two years the couple were divorced, and he returned in 1992 again to the U.S.. Starting from 1998 he lived again in Akron, establishing in Fairlawn two tile companies, "Stone Age, Inc." and "Tile Geometry, Inc". He attended the local "Presentation of Our Lord" Romanian Orthodox Church. He loved gardening and cultivating African Violets. On Saturday 14th April 2012, one day before Orthodox Easter, for which he was preparing, he suffered a heart attack and died at 66 years of age, in Fairlawn, Ohio his body was incinerated, and following his wishes his aksshes were strewn in the Danube Delta, the river on which banks he had lived his early life, in his beloved Romania.

BUBULICI, Dan (Dan Andrei Bubulici [12/4/1945, Zimnicea, Teleorman, Romania – 4/14/2012, Fairlawn, Ohio, U.S.A. (heart attack)] – stage, film actor, married to ? (19??-1991) father of a daughter.
The Actress, the Dollars and the Transylvanians – 1978

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