Saturday, October 1, 2016

Pagaron justos por pecadores

Pagaron justos por pecadores – Spanish title

A 2015 Spanish production 
Producer: Antonio Jose Lopez Exposito
Director: Javier Godoy Cejudo
Story: Javier Godoy Cejudo
Screenplay: Javier Godoy Cejudo
Photography: Javier Cuadros Pozo
Music: Javier Godoy Cejudo
Running time: 15 minutes

Javier Godoy Cejudo, Jorge Rodriguez Babé Martin, Jose Nove, Antonio Jose Lopéz Exposito, Antonio Cobo Reyes, Jaime Rodriguez Babé Martin, Jim West, Sara Sánchez Mancera.

Bill lives in Tucson Arizona. He and his brother have been separated and his revenge triggers a tragedy when the whole truth to the story is discovered.

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