Saturday, October 15, 2016

Gunhand – Crowdfunding Campaign Begins

Hello Facebook friends & family, we're writing this in English so everybody can read it.

We're currently working on a western feature film called "GUNHAND".
Gunhand is a European feature length Western film project with principal photography done in Spain, Germany and the Netherlands. Crowdfunding started October 14th on INDIEGOGO.

Recently we started with the whole social aspect on Instagram and Facebook.

We're going to document the whole feature film making process, with daily photos and videos.
Keep an eye out for these pages if you're interested.

It would be great if you could like the hell out of these pages and help us get maximum exposure. All the pictures on the Instagram account are from a high-end trailer that we're working on to use during the Crowd Funding campaign.

So please check us out on Indiegogo and help us if you can

Much love and thanks from myself and the crew!

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