Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Sydne in Wonderland

Sydne im Wunderland – German title
Sydne in Wonderland – English title

A 2008 Italian, British co-production [Freak-o-Rama (Rome), Extreme Video Snc (London)]
Producer: Federico Caddeo
Director: Federico Caddeo
Writer: Federico Caddeo
Photography: Marco Ristori [color]
Music: Claudio Gizzi
Running time: 16 minutes

Sydne Rome - herself
Marcello Mastroianni - Alex [archive footage]
Roger Middleton - Jimmy [archive footage]
Gianfranco Piacentini - Tony [archive footage]
Roman Polanski - Mosquito [archive footage]
Alvaro Vitali - Cross-Eyed Painter [archive footage]

Documentary and interview with Sydne Rome in regards to the 1972 film “What?”. Although not a western the interview and documentary pertains to an actress associated with the Euro-western genre.

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