Friday, August 12, 2016

RIP Franco Ukmar

 One of the most prolific actors and stuntmen in the Spaghetti western genre died on August 10th. Franco Ukmar along with his brothers; Giovanni, Sergio Bruno, and Clemente were circus acrobats who answered the call for stuntmen in the early 1960s. Word went out when the Sword and Sandal pictures were being filmed in Rome for stuntmen and acrobats. The brothers answered the call and Franco and Bruno stood out. Both became actors and since they athletic they could be used as stuntmen without having to hire added help. Franco appeared in 54 Euro-western credited roles. Among which were “Sabata” and “The Return of Sabata”, “Professionals for a Massacre”, “The Man of the East”, the two ‘Trinity’ films, “Keoma” and a “Man Called Blade”. Born on March 29, 1936, Ukmar was 80 years-old.

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  1. Bye Franco I'll always remember you with affection and gratitude for your skills and infinite modesty. Enzo Castellari