Tuesday, August 2, 2016

PUEBLO VIEJO: The Peruvian Wild West

Pueblo Viejo (Old Town) is a first for Peruvian cinema: a full-fledged Western that substitutes dusty, tumbleweed-strewn streets and rowdy saloons for a remote town in the Andes.

Directed by first-time filmmaker Hans Matos Cámac and shot on location in the city of Huancayo and its surroundings, it’s the story of brothers Antuco and Eduardo, two brothers and cattle herders working to get by in the titular town despite a drought and other hardships. A fire and a theft pits them against Don Abelardo, a wealthy local baron, leading to an uprising seeking justice for the citizens of Old Town.

The film had its world premiere last year at the Almeria Western Film Festival in Spain, where it picked up a Best Picture prize; fitting, considering that Almeria has been a go-to location for filming westerns since Clint Eastwood donned his now mythical poncho.

Recently, a trailer was released, and despite being set in Peru, it proudly wears its spaghetti Western and Sergio Leone influences on its sleeve; for one, Morricone would be damn proud of that twangy guitar score.

Watch it below. Pueblo Viejo will be playing the Lima Film Festival, which runs from 5-13 August; if all goes well, yours truly should be back in a couple weeks providing reviews.

Pueblo Viejo trailer link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t6oUOfqkgJI

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