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50th Anniversary of the premier of “The Halfbreed”

On August 17th 1966 “Winnetou und das Halbblut Apanatschi” (The Halfbreed) premiered at the  Mathäser movie palace in Munich, Germany.

Winnetou rescues young Happy when he climbs into an eagle's nest to get an eagle feather for the birthday of his sister Apanatschi and is attacked by the eagle.  Apanatschi the daughter of Farmers Mac Haller and his wife the Apache Indian Mine-Yota, is a half-breed.  However, this is not an obstacle for the impetuous young Jeff Brown, he wants to marry her.

Mac Haller leads Winnetou and Apanatschi to a vein of gold, which he is giving her for her birthday.  However Apanatschi is not excited particularly because she knows that gold only brings misfortune. And indeed, the two trappers Pinky and Sloan out to find the gold source murder Mac Haller, as he refuses to betray the specific location. Apanatschi and Happy escaped only because Old Shatterhand intervened just in time. The two are brought to the safety of the railway Camp for the Transcontinental Railroad (TCRR), and Old Shatterhand rides on to Rocky Town where bandits led by Curly Bill are creating mischief. 

Curly Bill has learned from Pinky and Sloan that Apanatschi knows the specific location of the gold, and leads his bandits on a raid of the railroad stock.  They kidnap Apanatschi and Happy in their refuge in a seedy saloon. Jeff to sneak into join the gang and briefly gains the trust of the bandits.  Through a trick he obtains the key for the room where Apanatschi and Happy are held, and with the help of the landlady Bessy they escape through an underground passage.  Apanatschi is taken to the Kiowa Indians for her safety.

Old Shatterhand has now mobilized the railway workers, and together with Winnetou attacks the bandits attacked in there saloon in Rocky Town. However, some of the gang manage to escape.  Curly Bill wants to kidnap Apanatschi again, but he only manages to grab Happy. Winnetou trades the hostage by bringing the bandits to the location of the gold. Curly Bill then sets Winnetou and Happy free but his lieutenant Judge is not satisfied.  He just shoots his boss and makes himself the new leader. 

The bandits load their horses with all the gold they can get their hands on and are on their way back to Rocky Town, where they find waiting for them Old Shatterhand and the railway workers.  They have a tunnel under the city filled with dynamite, and upon the arrival of the bandits everything is blown up. On his escape Judge is run over by a locomotive, and the rest of the gang are killed by the Kiowas under leadership of Winnetous.  Apanatschi gives the remaining residents of Rocky Town gold for the reconstruction of the town and moves in with Jeff at the old log house of her late father.

Winnetou und das Halbblut Apanatschi - German title
Vinetou i Apanaci - Yugoslavian title
Masser af Guld - Danish title
Winnetou, o atromitos - Greek title
Kultalaakson korppikotkat - Finnish title
Winnetou és a félvér Apanatschi - Hungarian title
Il giorno più lungo di Kansas City - Italian title
Il giorno piu longo de Kansas City - Spanish title
El dia más lungo di Kansas City - Spanish title
Winnetou i Apanaczi - Polish title
O dia mais longo de Kansas City - Portuguese title
Winnetou and the Halbreed Apanatschi - English title
Apanatschi - U.K. title
The Half -Breed - U.S.A. title

A 1966 German, Yugoslavian co-production [Rialto Film Preben-Phlipsen (Berlin), Jadran (Zagreb)]
Producer: Horst Wendltandt
Director: Haralp Philipp
Story: Karl May
Screenplay: Fred Denger
Cinematography: Heinz Holscher [Eastmancolor, UltraScope]
Music: Martin Böttcher
Running time: 90 minutes

Old Shatterhand - Lex Barker (Alexander Barker, Jr.)
Winnetou - Pierre Brice (Pierre de Bris)
Apanatcshi - Ursula Glas (Helga Glas)
Jeff Brown - Götz George
Sam Hawkens - Ralf Walter
Mac Haller - Walter Barnes
Curly Bill - Ilija Dzuvalekovski
Judge - Mija Baloh (Mihail Baloh)
Happy - Marinko Cosic
Bessie - Nada Kasapic
Sloan - Petar Dobric
Pinky - Vladimir Leib
Hank - Abduraham Salja
Mine-Yota - Marija Crnobori
Blacky - Sim Jagarinec (Simun Jagarinec)
Bryan - Zvonko Dobrin
Buster - Ivo Kristof (Ivan Kristof)
Sargmacher - Vladimir Rogoz
Smith - Rikard Brzeska
Barkeeper - Mile Gatara
Doc - Branco Spoljar (Branko Spoljar)
Bandit - Adam Vedernjak
Stunt coordinator - Ivo Kristof
Stunts: Giancarlo Bastianoni

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