Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Get a Girl Out West

Vente a ligar al oeste – Spanish title
Come to the West, if You’re Looking for Girls – English title
Get a Girl Out West – English title

A 1971 Spanish production [Aspa P.C., Filmayer Producción (Madrid)]
Producer: Vicente Escriva
Director: Pedro Lazaga (Pedro Sabater)
Story: Pedro Lazaga (Pedro Sabater), Vicente Coello, Vicente Escrivá
Screenplay: Pedro Lazaga (Pedro Sabater)
Dialogue: Vicente Coello, Vicente Escrivá
Cinematography: Raúl Pérez Cubero [Eastmancolor]
Music: Antón García Abril
Running time: 90 minutes

Benito – Alfredo Landa (Alfredo Aretio)
Paco – José Sacristán (José Turiegano)
Don Antonio – Antonio Ferrandis (Antonio Monrabal)
Ursula Malone - Mirta Miller (Mirta Chatard)
Marisa – Tina Sáiz (Agustina Rubio)
Marisa’s friend – María José Román
Lorenza - María Elena Flores
Marisa’s father - Tito García (Pablo González)
Cowboy - Saturno Serra (Saturnino Cerra)
With: Mary Carmen Duque (Mari Carmen Duque), Jaime Segura, Ernesto Vañez (Ernesto Vañes), Cristino Almodóvar, Gonzolo Esquiroz, José Yepes (José Cardo), Alejandro de Encisco (Jose Lopez), Manuel García Toscano, Félix José Montoya (José Félix Montoya), Isabel García
Stunts: Miguel Pedregosa

Benito, a railway switchman, one day hear a bugle call and go across a squadron of American riders. Fearing an invasion, you will seek help, but not more than filming a movie. The appearance of Benito on the set coincides with an explosion of dynamite that makes blow. This is how it comes into contact with the amazing world of cinema. Benito moves to Madrid to seek fame and fortune. He ends up finding romance and becoming a stuntman making Spaghetti westerns.

Not a western but enough elements to include it for the fun of it.

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