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European Western Comic Books ~ Lupo Bianco

Lupo Bianco was a western scout, trapper and protector of the lands and forests of the Northwest. He along with his faithful dog trapped and scouted the mountains looking for adventure.

Lupo Bianco (White Wolf) is a comic book created by Ivo Pavone with stories written by Pier Carpi and published by Geis Renzo Barbieri. Pocket-sized editions of Lupo Bianco Edifumetto consisted of three numbers, released respectively in the June 1974, September 1975 and December 1975.

The character continued in the series Top 15 Geis edition numbers, Bonelli format, September 1976, November 1977, in which the numbers of White Wolf continued, in odd numbers published along with the Coyote character.

Ivo Pavone was born in Taranto, Italy on November 12, 1929. In 1938 he moved with his family to Venice. During World War II, in 1942-43, he met Hugo Pratt, and in 1945-46 together were part of the group of the Ace of Spades. In December of 1950 Pratt moved to Argentina, and almost a year later convinced his friend to join him, in September 1951. Until 1954 he worked alongside of Pratt, Alberto Ongaro, Mario and Sergio Tarquinio Faustinelli to stories without continuing characters, for the Editorial Abril. He began to draw the western stories that will be the bulk of his activity.

In 1954-55 he inks Sergeant with Kirk Pratt. In 1954 he collaborates on several stories with Codex editions. In 1956-58 worked in Hora Cero and Frontera with the stories of Clavado Hueso (Bone Planted), Western history centered around an entire town of gold diggers, and Ranch Verdugo (The Executioner ranch), another story. He also published westerns in Italy by Bonelli. 

Pier Carpi was born Arnaldo Piero Carpi on June 16, 1940 in Scandiano, Italy –2000) was an Italian catoonist, novelist, and screenwriter After attending art school he began to collaborate with the newspaper Gazzetta di Parma , then founded the CNIG (National Center for Youth Initiatives) and in the 1960s was part of the satirical magazine Bertoldo , published by Gino Sansoni.  He then devoted himself to writing comics scripts for Mickey (1963), Superman, Batman, The Castaways, Lancelot, Bob Lance, Zakimort, Teddy Bob, Boy, Brancaleone, the Agent will not name, Kolosso, Snakes, Uranella, Jessica and many other characters. Some of these pocket books - included Zakimort – and wrote them in tandem with screenwriter Michael Gazzarri.  Curò headings and draws cartoons for and Yellow Mondadori, Secret and Week Radio .

In 1970 he founded and edited the magazine Horror with Alfredo Castelli , for which - in addition to experimental writing stories and educated largely designed by Sergio Zaniboni - created the strips Beatrice and Alice, both to the graphic work of Marco Rostagno. He also directed the series The Diabolik novel.  He adapted a comic version of Pinocchio illustrated by Giovanni Manca.  For Sugar he designed the series Olympus of Comics.  In 1969 he received the Yellow Kid as the best author.  In 1990 he returned to comics writing some scripts for Martin Mystère and Zone X. For Éditions July Lyon, publisher Marcel Navarro, he produced screenplays Bob Lance, Dick Demon, Morgane, Sibyl.

His novel Diabolik hit the newsstands in 1969 for the types of Sansoni and he directed the series.  From his book Cagliostro the Wonderworker was suddenly the 'eponymous film with his screenplay.  His name was among those found in the list of the members of the lodge P2 (Reggio Emilia 14). In 1983 he gave an interview to journalist Enzo Biagi in which he spoke of his relationship with the venerable master of the lodge Licio Gelli. A member of the Theosophical Society, was on good terms with Edward Bratina , General Secretary of the Italian Theosophical Society from 1974 to 1995.  Carpi gave birth at the beginning of the nineties to a Theosophical Group, chaired by himself, which was based in Reggio Emilia , in Via S. Ilario d'Enza.

Pier Carpi, died on June 26, 2000 in Viadana, Italy.

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