Monday, August 15, 2016

Lee Boughton's New Book - Special Offer!

Euro-Western: Reframing Gender, Race and the 'Other' in Film
Author: Lee Broughton

Publisher: I.B Taurus
ISBN: 9781784533892
Publication Date: 30 Jun 2016
Number of Pages: 304
Height: 216
Width: 138

The Western has always been inextricably linked to the USA, and studies have continually sought to connect its historical development to changes in American society and Hollywood innovations. Focusing new critical attention on films produced in Germany, Italy and Britain, this timely book offers a radical rereading of the evolutionary history of the Western and brings a vital international dimension to its study. Lee Broughton argues not only that European films possess a special significance in terms of the genre's global development, but also that many offered groundbreaking and progressive representations of traditional Wild West 'Others': Native Americans, African Americans and so-called 'strong women'. European Westerns investigates how the histories of Germany, Italy and Britain - and the idiosyncrasies of their respective national film industries - influenced representations of the self and 'Other', shedding light on the broader cultural, historical and political contexts that shaped European engagement with the genre.

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