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Gli uomini dal passo pesante – Italian title
5 Pistolas com Sede de Sangue – Brazilian title
Cinco Pistolas Manchadas de Sangue – Brazilian title
Terror i Texas – Danish title
Tramplers - tappavan aseen hetki – Finnish title
Les forcenés – French title
Die Trampler – German title
Die um Gnade winsein – German title
I megali nyhta ton pistoleros – Greek title
Atrapados – Mexican title
Os Implacáveis - Portuguese title
Las pistolas del Norte de Texas – Spanish title
Showdown – U.K. title
The Tramplers – U.S.A. title
A 1966 Italian production [Chretien (Paris), Mancori (Rome)]
Producers: Albert Band, Alvaro Mancori, Anna Maria Chretien
Directors: Albert Band, Anthony Wileys (Mario Sequi)
Story: “Guns of North Texas” by Will Cook (William Cook)
Screenplay: Albert Band, Ugo Liberatore
Cinematography: Alvaro Mancori [Eastmancolor, Pathe]
Music: Angelo Francesco Lavagnino
Running time: 105 minutes
Temple Cordeen – Joseph Cotton
Lon Cordeen – Gordon Scott (Gordon Werschkul)
Hoby Cordeen – James Mitchum (Joshua MItchum)
Edith Wickett – Ilaria Occhini
Charlie Garvin – Frank Nero (Francesco Sparanero)
Alice Cordeen – Muriel Franklin
Fred Wickett – Emil Jordan (Emilio Giordana)
Bess Cordeen – Emma Vannoni (Emma Valloni)
Mrs. Temple Cordeen – Carroll Brown (Carla Calò)
Longfellow Wiley – George Lycan (Georges Lycan)
Jim Hennessy – Aldo Cecconi
Pete Wiley – Franco Balducci
Bert Cordeen – Dario Michaelis
Sheriff – Lino Desmond
Emma – Edith Peters
Payne Cordeen – Roman Barrett (Romano Puppo)
Adrian cordeen – Ivan Andrews (Giovanni Scratuglia)
Hogan – Silla Bettini
Saloon owner – Ken Wlaschin (Kenneth Wlaschin)
With: Giovanni Cianfriglia, Virgilio Ponti, Dino Di Nardi, Harry Gerard, Alfred Racihi

In Texas after the Civil War, the old and rich Temple Cordeen, owner of a large farm, fights the law with his numerous offspring, and with their help accomplishes punitive expeditions against the new representatives of the North, one of whom, a journalist, is lynched. But not all his children share the irreducible fierce hatred that Tenple harbors and not everyone accepts his despotic will. The return of the dissident son, Lon, causes a crisis of his sister, secretly in love with Charlie. The three, after a futile attempt to control the rage of their relentless father, move away. Temple then pursues them even trying to kill them and launches a long and absurd struggle, which finally unites all the Cordeens.
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