Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Happy 80th Birthday Tonino Valerii

Antonio ‘Tonino’ Valerii was born on May 20, 1934 in Mont Iorio al Vomano, Teramo, Abruzzi, Italy. Tonino entered the world of cinema in the early 1960s, first as assistant director and screenwriter for Ernesto Gastaldi with such films as "The Crypt of the Vampire" and for Sergio Leone on “Fistful of Dollars” (1964). He made ​​his debut behind the camera in 1966 with the western "A Taste for Killing" starring the late Craig Hill, then after directing a number of other good films, he co-directs with Leone the Euro-western "My Name is Nobody" (1972). Among his westerns he also had a great thriller, "My Dear Killer" (1972). In recent years, he’s turned away from films and instead has worked on television movies like "Una prova d'innocenza” (1990) andUn bel dì vedremo” (1997).
Today we celebrate Tonino Valerii’s 80the birthday.

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