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A Town Called Hell – U.S.A. title
Una ciudad llamada bastarda – Spanish title
De hængtes by – Danish title
Bastard - kuolemaantuomittu kaupunki – Finnish title
Les brutes dans la ville – French title
Les aventuriers de l’Ouest sauvage – French title
Kein Requiem fur San Bastardo – German title
Eine Stadt nimmt Rache – German title
Kein Requiem für San Bastardo – German title
I poli pou xehase ton nomo – Greek title
I poli ton katharmaton – Greek title
I polis ton kataramenon – Greek title
Oi tromokrates – Greek title
A pokol városa – Hungarian title
Una città chiamata bastarda – Italian title
Bastard - den dödsdömda staden – Swedish title
Kansizlar – Turkish title
A Town Called Bastard – U.K. title
A 1971 U.S.A., Spanish co-production [Benamar Productions (Hollywood), Zurbano Films (Madrid)
Producer: Bejamin Fisz
Director:  Robert Parrish, Irving Lerner
Story: Richard Aubrey
Screenplay: Richard Aubrey, Benjamin Fisz (S. Fisz)
Cinematography: Manuel Berenguer [Technicolor, Franscope]
Music: Waldo de los Rios
Song: “The Battle of New Orleans” sung by Sunny Ryder
Running time: 97 minutes
Don Carlos – Telly Savalas (Aristotelis Savalas)
Priest – Robert Shaw
Alvira – Stella Stevens (Estelle Egglestone)
Old blind man – Fernando Rey (Fernando Arambillet)
Paco – Michael Craig (Michael Gregson)
Colonel – Martin Landau
La Bomba – Al Lettieri (Alessandro Lettieri)
Calebra – Aldo Sambrell (Alfredo Brell)
Spectre – Dudley Sutton
Paloma – Paloma Cela (Paloma Moliero)
La Perla – Maribel Hidalgo
Jose – Cass Martin
Manuel – Antonio Mayans (José Hervás)
Julio – Francisco Marsó (Francisco Socias)
Quiet American – John Clark
Pedro – Luis Rivera
American – Howard Hagan
Priest – Vicente Soler (Vicente Domingo)
Malhombre – Tito Garci (Pablo González)
Carmina – Elizabeth Sands
Tortilla woman – Sansona Siglo XX (Virginia Moreno)
Old mother – Nilda Álvarez
Chomoco – José Espinosa
Gato Asilla – George Rigaud (Pedro Delissetche)
Sergeant – James O’Rourke
Mendoza – Adolfo Thous
Juan – Charly Bravo (Ramon Bravo)
Young boy – Ángel Blanco
Miguel – Bruce M. Fischer
Gonzales – Cris Huerta (Crisanto Brieva)
Eduardo – Felipe Solano
With: William Layton, John Landis, Tony Vogel

A group of Revolutionists led by a priest and a colonel storm into and massacre an entire town called "Bastarda/Hell" that is controlled by Mexican military units. Years pass on, when a woman named Alvira, who sleeps in a coffin inside a hearse, manned by a supposed deaf mute called Spectre arrives at the town. The town is now under the crooked rule of Don Carlos and an entourage of revolutionists turned bandits. The priest, who helped lead the initial attack on the town, is now an alcoholic who doesn't take too lightly to Savalas' dictatorship, though he tolerates it for the sake of the peasants of the village. With Alvira's arrival in town, she offers Don Carlos a reward for the deliverance of her husband's murderer and wishes to place the murderer's body in the hearse she rests in. She believes the killer is named "Aguila", a name that is respected and protected by the peasants including the priest. But she is not the only one searching for Aguila. The colonel, now a traitor to the revolution, has returned to the town as an army colonel in the Mexican army and is searching for the same person, as he believes Aguila to be the leader of the revolution.
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