Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Un treno per Durango – Italian title
Un tren para Durango – Spanish title
De trein naar Durango – Dutch title
Viimeinen juna Durangoon – Finnish title
Un train pour Durango – French title
Der letzte zug nach Durango – German title
Ena traino gia to Durango – Greek title
Um trem para Durango – Portuguese title
Sista taget till Durango – Swedish title
Ett tåg till Durango – Swedish title
Oluler Saylimaz – Turkish title
A Train for Django - English title
A Train for Durango – English title
A 1967 Italian, Spanish co-production [M.C.M., Selenia Cine (Rome), Tecisa (Madrid)]
Producer: Bianco Manini
Director: William Hawkins (Mario Caiano)
Story: José Gutiérrez Maesso, Duccio Tessari (Amadeo Tessari), Mario Caiano
Screenplay: Duccio Tessari (Amadeo Tessari), Mario Caiano
Cinematography: Enzo Barboni [Technicolor, Techniscope]
Music: Carlo Rustichelli
Running time: 105 minutes
El Gringo – Anthony Steffen (Antonio de Teffe)
Lucas – Enrico Maria Salerno
Brown/Samuel Lee Barrett/Elias MacPherson – Mark Damon (Alan Herskovitz)
Helena MacPherson – Dominique Boschero
Lobo – Roberto Camardiel (Roberto Escudero)
‘the Chief’ – José Bódalo (José Zuffoli)
Heraclio – Manuel Zarzo
Mexican Captain – Aldo Sambrell (Alfredo Brell)
Pinkerton Agent – Lorenzo Robledo
Don Pedro Arista – Tito Garcia (Pablo Gonzalez)
Manuel – José Canalejas
Lobo henchmen – Rafael Albaicín, Simón Arriaga
Mexican Revloutionary – José Manuel Martín (José Perez)
With: Mirella Pamphilli, Arturo Fuente, Ric Burton, Jr. (Massimo Carocci)
In Mexico, a train is attacked by a gang of bandits and a safe is stolen. Two adventurers, one American and one Mexican, recklessly put themselves on the trail of the outlaws determined to steal the safe. During the many hardships they face, the two adventurers are saved on several occasions by an eccentric character who appears in the most critical moments. After the two are able to take possession of the gold contained in the safe, their protector reappears again telling them he is a U.S. Army Captain in charge of recovering the stolen gold, after having seized it he walks away with the precious cargo. The two then discover that the captain is none other than a crook. Confronting the crook the fraudster agrees to divide the spoils, but once again manages to deceive his new friends and walking away with the gold, and with a girl who seemed to be in love with the American.


  1. Alternate title: 'A Train for Django'. It's in that 25 movie Blue ray pack.

  2. Thank you. I've added the title to the post.