Monday, July 1, 2013

Who Are Those Gals? - Sabine Bethmann

Sabine Bethmann was born on October 25, 1931 in Tilsit, East Prussia. A trained physiotherapist she moonlighted as a model and was discovered at age 24 for the film “Waldwinter” (1956). A year later she starred in the war drama “Haie und kleine Fischesharks” (1957), opposite Hansjörg Felmy. She is also known for her role in the Dr. Mabuse Series “Scotland Yard jagt Dr. Mabuse” (1963). Followed by her only Euro-western “The Man from Oklahoma” (1964). There were other movies such asErotik auf der Schulbank” and “Als Liebe ein Verbrechen war” (both 1968). The last film role she starred in was “Die Herren mit der weißen Weste” (1970). She also had roles in television productions such asCliff Dexter’ (1966) andTeufelsbrut’ (1979)

After 40 years Sabine Bethmann ended her career as an actress. In 1990, she came out of retirement and took a role in the short film “Kaffeklatsch”. Today Sabine Bethmann lives in Berlin.

BETHMANN, Sabine [10/25/1931, Tilsit, East Prussia -     ] – TV actress.
The Man from Oklahoma – 1964 (Georgina White)

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  1. 1959 Sabine Bethmann was invited to Hollywood to play the female lead in "Spartacus" with Kirk Douglas. As it was 3 weeks in production, Douglas - who also was the Producer - had Problems with Director Anthony Mann and hired Stanley Kubrick. Kubrick did replace Sabine Bethmann and offered the part to Jean Simmons.
    For Sabine Bethmann it was a shock, becaus she had rejected many interesting offers in Germany for the role in "Spartacus".