Saturday, July 13, 2013

Happy 75th Birthday Gino Lavagetto

Luigi ‘Gino’ Lavagetto was born on July 13, 1938 in Genoa, Italy. An Italian film actor he was better known for his television work.  He starred in the 1970s, as Leonello Astolfi, in the police television series ‘Qui squadra mobile’ and again in the 1980 TV series ‘Quaderno proibito e Pronto emergenza’.
For film he co-wrote the screenplay for “Quelli belli... siamo noi” (1970). Since 2000 he’s devoted himself entirely to television.
Lavagetto appeared in two Euro-westerns: “Durango is Coming, Pay or Die” and “Wanted Sabata” (both 1970).
Lavagetto was married to singer, actress Miranda Martino [1933- ] they had a son Fiodor. He’s now married to actress, screenwriter Livia Giampalmo [1941- ], still his wife.
Today we celebrate Gino Lavagetto’s 75th birthday.

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