Saturday, July 6, 2013

Remembering Emilio Delle Piane

Emilio Delle Piane was born in Lavagna, Genoa, Italy on July 6, 1938. Before becoming a stage actor he had graduated from law school in 1963, and working a few years in an apprenticeship. But in 1966, a chance meeting with director Charles Lizzani led him to pursue an intense career in film full of memorable roles, including the excellent Parker in  “Trinity is STILL My Name” (1971), directed by Enzo Barboni and as Pierre in “I due superpiedi quasi piatti” (1975), also directed by Enzo Barboni.
A calibrated, outgoing and always pleasant actor, he continued his career until the early 1990s when, perhaps in the absence of enough important roles, he withdraw from the scene and dedicated more interest and time to his law firm, in which still works, in the center of Chiavari.
Delle Piane appeared in three Euro-westerns, beside the above mentioned “Trinity is STILL My Name”, he also appeared in “Arizona Returns” (1970) and “Judge Roy Bean” (1971.
Today we celebrate Emilio Delle Piane’s 75th birthday.

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