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Aventuras del Oeste – Spanish title
Sette ore de fuoco – Italian title
Die letzte Kugel traf den Besten – German title
7 tunnin verilöyly – Finnish title
Sept heures de feu – French title
La derniere aventure de Buffalo Bill – French title
7 ores mahis – Greek title
7 Hours Under Gunfire – English title
7 Hours of Gunfire – English title

A 1965 Spanish, Italian, German production [Centauro Films (Madrid), PEA (Rome), Constantin Film (Munich)
Producer: Félix Durán Aparicio
Director: Jose Hernandez (Joaquín Luis Romero Marchent)
Story: “Buffalo Bill y su epoca” by Ángel de Zavala
Screenplay: Jose Romero Marchent (Joaquin Romero Marchent), Pino Passalaqua, Werner Ebert
Cinematography: Raf Pacher (Rafael Pacheco) [Eastmancolor, Techniscope]
Music: John Cashell (Angelo Francesco Lavagnino), Fred Strittmatter
Running time: 76 minutes

Bill Hogan/Buffalo Bill Cody – Clyde Rogers (Frederik Van Nutter)
Gun Barret/Bill Hickok - Adrian Hoven (William Hofkirchner)
August Mai - Kurt Großkurth
Cora/Ethel Lieberman - Helga Sommerfeld
Guillermo/William - Raf Baldassarre (Raffaele Baldassarre)
Steve - Chris Huerta (Crisanto Brieva)
Charlie - Lorenzo Robledo
Pastor Norman Lieberman - Francisco Sanz
Calamity Jane - Gloria Milland (Maria Fiè)
Luisa - Alexandra Kasan (Alejandra Kasan)
Colonel Carr - Alfonso Rojas (Alfonso Melquiades)
Red Cloud - Ricardo Rodríguez
Frank North - Mariano Vidal Molina
Mrs. Agnes Mai – Mery Leiva (Maria Leiva)
Senator Russell - Santiago Rivera
Waddell - Pedro Rodriguez de Quevedo
Major - Ricardo Lilló
Steve’s daughter - Antonia García
Agnese – Mara Esther Vazquez
Young Bill Cody - Robert Johnson Jr. (Jaime Blanch)
Mr. Deedle - Antonio Molino Rojo
Railroad surveyor - Manuel de Blas (Manuel Muñoz)
Utter - Álvaro de Luna (Álvaro Blanco)
Señorita Mortimer - Maribel Sáez
Douglas – Mario Morales
Mortimer - Juan Cortés
Drunk - Juan Olaguivel
Mr. Cody – Rufino Inglés (Rufino Garcia) 
Mrs. Cody - Milagros Guijarro
Steve’s daughter - Antonia García
Ted – Carlos Romero Marchent
Townsman - Agustín Bescos
Indian – Gonzalo Esquiroz
Barman – Pedro Fenollar

As a young boy Bill Cody, known as Buffalo Bill, was a rider of the "Pony Express". We now find him, as an adult, at the head of a caravan of pioneers, among which is Ethel, a beautiful girl, and her uncle. Upon reaching its destination Buffalo Bill is made ​​aware by a friend that there is a group of smugglers trafficking in weapons, who are regularly supplying the Indians. The weapons are sent and distributed regularly in the city of Custer, and there it is directed two criminals. The fight against the smugglers begins immediately with excellent results. In the city, Buffalo Bill again meets Ethel who miraculously escapes death during an attack by the redskins. The Indians are planning another attack and the town of Custer is soon evacuated, so as to seem deserted, but in fact the regular army, headed by Buffalo Bill, is well hidden in its homes. The Indians are defeated and the smugglers are permanently removed.

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