Monday, July 8, 2013

7 cabalgan hacia la muerte – Spanish title
Herencia sangrienta - Spanish title
Siete cabalgan hacia la muerte – Spanish title
A 1979 Spanish production [Golden Film International (Madrid)]
Producer: Emilio M. Lárraga (Emilio Manuel Lárraga)
Director: Jose Luis Merino
Story: J. L. Merino (Jose Luis Merino)
Screenplay: J.L. Merino (Jose Luis Merino)
Cinematography: Manuel H. Sanjuán (Manuel Hernández Sanjuán) [Eastmancolor]
Music: Ricardo Recuero
Running time: 88 minutes
Steve - Luc Litteros (Luis Rosillo)
Ann - Ada Rodier (Assumpta Serna)
Peter - Charles Tristan (Carlos Tristancho)
Lon - George Grandson (Jorge Nieto)
Ida - Emanuel Day
Gregory - Tony Valentino (Tony Valento)
Eliott - Emil Bearded (Emilio Berrio)
Sheriff - Horst Günter
Zachary Carter – Luis M. Weaves
With: Emilio Alonso

Zachary Carter, a wealthy landowner in New Mexico, is murdered after selling his ranch. Members of his family organized a party to hunt down "White Buffalo", an Indian who is the chief suspect.


  1. Tom, I'm quite sure - looking at the names - that Luis Rosillo is credited as Luc Littleros. Alternate title is ''Herencia sangrienta'':

  2. Thanks Fatman, corrected post.