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7 pistole per i MacGregor – Italian title
Arrivano i Mac Gregor – Italian title
Zeven pistolen voor de MacGregors – Dutch title
7 kostajaa – Finnish title
Sept écossais au Texas – French title
Die 7 Pistolen des MacGregor – German title
7 pistolia gia tous MacGregor – Greek title
Erhontai oi MacGregors – Greek title
Oi 7 yperohoi pistoleros – Greek title
Sete pistolas para os MacGregors – Portuguese title
Siete pistolas para los Mac Gregor – Spanish title
MacGregorlar Icin Yedi Silah – Turkish title
7 Guns for the MacGregors – U.K. title
7 Guns for the Mac Gregors – U.S.A. title
A 1965 Italian production [Jolly Film, Estela Film (Rome)]
Producer: Ted O’Darsa (Dario Sabatello)
Director: Frank Grafield (Franco Giraldi)
Story: David Moreno
Screenplay: Fernando Lion (Fernando Di Leo), Vincent Eagle (Vicenzo Dell’Aquila) David Moreno(David Mingote), Duccio Tessari (Amadeo Tessari)
Cinematography: Alejandro Ulloa [Technicolor, Techniscope]
Music: Ennio Morricone
Song: “March of the MacGregors” sung by I Cantori Moderni
Running time: 94 minutes
Gregor MacGregor – Robert Wood (Robert Woods)
David MacGregor – Manolo Zarzo
Miguel – Fernando Sancho (Fernando Les)
Rosita Carson – Agatha Flory (Agata Flory)
Santillana – Leo Anchóriz (Leopardo Fustel)
Perla – Pear Cristal (Perla Lijtik)
Peter MacGregor – Nick Anderson (Nazzareno Zamperla)
Kenneth MacGregor – Paul Carter (Paolo Magalotti)
Dick MacGregor – Albert Warterman (Albert Dell’Acqua)
Mark MacGregor – Julio Pérez Tabernero
Johnny MacGregor – Saturnino Cerra (Satunino Pendós)
Alastair MacGregor – Georg Rigaud (Giorgio Delissetche)
Harold MacGregor – Harry Cotton (Francesco Tensi)
Mamie MacGregor – Anna Maria Noe
Annie MacGregor – Margaret Horowitz (Margherita Orowitz)
Crawford – Robert Camardiel (Crisanto Brieva)
Barbara - Pilar Truchado
Sheriff John F. Mason – Antonio Molino Rojo
Jailer - José Riesgo
Judge Garland – Rafael Bardem (Rafael Solé)
Banker - Ángel Menéndez
Barman - Rafael Hernández
Piano player – Victor Israel (José Vilanova)
Barmen – Rafael Hernandez, Xan das Bolas
Santillana henchman – Jesus Puente (Jesus Alzaga)
Bandit leader – Max Dean (Massimo Righi)
Bandits - Peter Cross (Pierre Cressoy), Antonio Iranzo, José Luis Lluch, Nazzareno Natale, Antonio
Stunts: Miguel Pedregosa

The two MacGregor families, of Scottish descent, own a farm not far from the Mexican border. One day while in the house while only old parents were present, the farm is attacked by a gang of horse thieves who are forced to flee, leaving several dead on the ground, attracted by the gunshots, the seven sons of MacGregor come to the rescue. Later, the sons travel to a horse fair to sell the two hundred horses they have been breeding. The town turns out to be a place where a bully is calling the shots and is openly supported by the sheriff and an entire band of outlaws led by Santillana, who had previously organized the attack on their farm. The immediate reaction of the MacGregor boys leads them to jail where they escape and find refuge on the farm of Miss Rosita. The brothers are convinced of the need to address the problem of Santillana. The oldest boy, Gregor Gregor, decides to get infiltrate the gang. The information he sends allows the other brothers to reveal the shady business of the bandits, adding the fact that they plan to steal the loot entrusted for the protection of the federal judge. In the course of a short time Santillana becomes suspicions of Gregor, who after suffering cruel torture, would certainly die if his brothers did not intervene in time. All the brothers and even the old MacGregors come to his rescue to the sound of the ancient bagpipes. Santillana and his gang are defeated and the MacGregor family returns to their peaceful life.

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  1. I never heard about the german title you´ve published. The right one is:
    "Die 7 Pistolen des MacGregor"