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Camino del sur – Spanish title
Antes llega la muerte – Spanish title
Hora de morir – Spanish title
I sette del Texas – Italian title
Les sept du Texas – French title
Die 7 aus Texas – German title
Oi 7 apo toTexas – Greek title
Ta 7 pistolia tou Texas – Greek title
Hour of Death – English title
Seven Guns from Texas – U.S.A. title
Seven from Texas – U.S.A. title
A 1964 Spanish, Italian co-production [Centauro Films (Madrid), Produzioni Europee Associati
Producers: Félix Durán Aparicio, Manuel Castedo, Alberto Grimaldi
Director: Paul Marchenti (Joaquín Luis Romero Marchent Canales)
Story: Federico De Urrutia, Manuel Sebares
Screenplay: Federico De Urrutia, Manuel Sebares, Jose Romero Marchent (Joaquín Canales)
Cinematography: Rafael Pacheco (Rafael de Usa), Fausto Zuccoli [Eastmancolor, TotalScope]
Music: Riz Ortolani (Riziero Ortolani)
Running time: 98 minutes
Bob Carey/Gringo – Paul Piaget
Ringo – Robert Hundar (Claudio Undari)
Scometti/Apuestas – Fernando Sancho (Fernando Les)
Mary/María/Margot – Gloria Milland (Mara Fie)
Clifford – Jesús Puente (Jesús Alzaga)
Doctor Ferrell – Paco Sanz (Francisco Sanz)
Jess – Raf Baldwyn (Raffaelle Baldassarre)
Greg Rogers – Del Karmel (Giuseppe Frisaldi)
Lin Chiu – Gregory Wu (Wu Chiu)
Dan – John Bartha (János Barta)
Ben – Beni Deus (Venancio Mejuto)
Donald – Luis Induni (Luigi Radici)
Burt/Burns – Álvaro de Luna (Álvaro Blanco)
Bob – Antonio Gandía
Captains – Lorenzo Robledo, Emilio Rodriguez
Lieutenant – Román Ariznavarreta
Doctor – Pedro Fenollar
With: Alfonso Rojas (Alfonso Melquiades), Emilio Berrio, Andrew Scott (Andrea Scotti), Indio González (Gaspar González), Ricardo Rodríguez
Stunts: Miguel Pedregosa

A rich owner in Texas, is determined to bring his wife who is seriously ill, to a distant city. He sells all their belongings and hires a band of "gunslingers" to protect them during their journey. The man begins his journey through the desert braving the dangers of the inhospitable country and the Indians. The already difficult situation in which the small caravan finds itself is complicated by psychological and emotional contrasts of some of its group: a former lover of the sick woman, his arch enemy, and the ambiguous behavior of some of the adventurers. At the end of the journey, only the married couple reach their destination. All the others will fall along the way.
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