Monday, July 15, 2013

$7.00 TO KILL

7 dollari sul rosso – Italian title
Voor zeven dollars meer – Dutch title
Gringo joue sur le rouge – French title
Django - die Geier stehen Schlange – German title
7 dollaria sto kokkino – Greek title
7 dolares del muerte – Mexican title
Sete dolare de sangue – Portuguese title
Siete dólares al rojo – Spanish title
7 Kamli Dolar – Turkish title
Seven Dollars on the Red – English title
Seven Dollars to Kill – English title
A 1966 Italian production [Matheus S.r.l. (Rome), Albatros C.P.C. (Madrid)]
Producer: Mario Siciliano
Director: Albert Cardiff (Alberto Cardone)
Story: Hamed Wright (Amedeo Mellone)
Screenplay: Juan Cobos (Juan de Cobos), Mel Collins (Melchiade Coletti-Franciolini), Arne Franklin (Arnaldo Francolini)
Cinematography: José Aguayo [Eastmancolor, Techniscope]
Music: Francesco De Masi
Song: “Wishville” sung by July Ray
Running time: 100 minutes
Johnny Ashley – Anthony Steffen (Antonio de Teffe)
Sybil – Elisa Montés (Elisa Penella)
Jack Wilson/El Chacal/Sancho – Fernando Sancho (Fernando Les)
Jerry – Jerry Wilson (Roberto Miali)
Emily – Loredana Nusciak (Loredana Cappelletti)
El Gringo/Gringo/Chulo – José Manuel Martinez (José Pérez)
Rosa/Rosita/Rosario – Carroll Brown (Carlo Calo)
Bill – Spean Convery (Spartaco Conversi)
1st Sheriff – Fred Warrel (Alfredo Varelli)
Gambler – John Manera (Colleferro Manera)
Sheriff of Wishville – Frank Farell (Francisco Fantasia)
Starlight/Julie – Annie Giss
Walt – Franco Gulà (Francisco Gulà)
Gaucho/Ramon – George Mataro (Luigi Marturano)
Manuel – Renato Terra Caizzi
Oeste – Nino Musco
Oeste’s wife – Miriam Salonicco
Jerry Ashley as a child – David Mancori (Davide Mancori)
Prisoner – Frotunato Arena
Mexican women – Halina Zalewska, Silvana Bacci
Saloon Patrons – Elio Angelucci (Aurelio Angelucci), Ettore Arena, Alfonso Gigante

Johnny Ashley has been away leading a wagon train. During his absence, a gang of outlaws attack his ranch, kill his wife and kidnap his young son. Determined to take revenge, Ashley refuses the service of the sheriff, and spends many years during which Johnny becomes famous for his exploits as a gunfighter. Still he has failed to find his son and the outlaw Sancho, who kidnapped him. Sancho has raised Jerry as his son making him into an outlaw. At Wishville, the restless and discouraged Johnny arrives just when the situation is tense because of the exploits of the band Sancho. Influenced of Emily, manager of the saloon and his old flame, the gunman this time welcomes the help of the sheriff. During a bank robbery, Johnny and the sheriff, assisted by the townsmen, disperse the bandits and kill Sancho. Jerry furious over Sancho’s death rushes to avenge who he believes is his father, and comes face to face with Johnny: the revelation that Sancho is not his father cannot stop him. A duel between the two men is inevitable.
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  1. In the german title there´s a little mistake in writing.
    This is correct: "Django - die Geier stehen Schlange"