Friday, July 5, 2013

RIP Javier Artiñano

Javier Artiñano, the great Spanish film costume designer has died.
The designer worked on television series and picked up six awards 'Goya'
The costume and set designer Javier Artiñano, author of over 80 plays and won 6 “Goya” Awards " including “El rey pasmado” and “Juana la loca”, died yesterday July 4th in Madrid. He was 71 years-old.
The son of Spanish immigrants, he was born in 1942 in San Pedro Montes de Oca, San José de Costa Rica, the country in which he spent his childhood and adolescence then later moved to Spain. He attended high school in Santander, Madrid and studied at the School of Fine Arts of San Fernando and the Decorative Arts, where he learned his profession.
His first work of film costume began with “Las melancólicas” (1971) directed by Rafael Moreno Alba.
His professionalism is supported by six awards 'Goya' and a 'Max' for the Performing Arts. He worked with all the major Spanish directors. On television series he designed costumes for “Fortunata y Jacinta”, “Los gozos y las sombras” and “La regenta”. His six "Goyas" were for “El bosque animado” (1988), “Esquilache” (1990), “El rey pasmado” (1992), “El maestro de esgrima” (1993), “Lázaro de Tormes” (2001) and “Juana la Loca”»(2002).
Artiñano was the costume designer for the 1988 Euro-western “The Return of El Coyote”.

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