Wednesday, July 31, 2013

RIP MIchel Lemoine

[Michel Lemoine & Lee Burton]
French actor and director Michel Lemoine died at his home in Vinon, Centre, France on July 27, 2013. He was 90.
Lemoine made ​​his film debut in late 1943 and worked for directors such as Sacha Guitry and Julien Duvivier. His physique gave him the opportunity to compete for roles as a romantic leading man but also to explore roles as mysterious and disturbing characters. Throughout the 1960s, he toured extensively in Italy, in peplums, spaghetti westerns and in fantasy films. He also worked for Jess Franco and José Bénazéraf. In the 1970s he was seen mainly in erotic films.
As a director he mingled eroticism with drama and comedy working with Janine Reynaud and his wife, along with his favorite performers, Martine Azencot, Nathalie Zeiger and Marie-Hélène Kingdom.
He turned reluctantly towards making pornographic films using his most often pseudonym Michel Leblanc directing Olinka Hardiman who he made a star of X films (“Marilyn, mon amour”). In 1976, his film “Les Week-ends maléfiques du Comte Zaroff” was prohibited in theaters by French censorship.
He left the acting profession in the 1990s, and made only sporadic appearances.
Lemoine appeared in two Euro-westerns: “The Road to Fort Alamo” (1964) starring Ken Clark and directed by Mario Bava and “Cemetery Without Crosses” (1968) directed by and starring Robert Hossein.

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