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Sette magnifiche pistole – Italian title
…e Benson imparo’ ad uccidere – Italian title
Siete pistolas para Timothy – Spanish title
7 savuavaa pistoolia – Finnish title
Les sept colts du tonnerre – French title
San Antone – German title
Ein Mann der Tot Sancho-dich kusst der Tod – German title
Sancho - Dich küsst der Tod – German title
Sete magnificas pistolas – Portuguese title
7 pistoler och massor av dollar – Swedish title
7 Magnificent Pistols – English title
7 Magnificent Pistols for Timothy – English title
A 1965 Italian, Spanish co-production [G.L.A. Cinematografica M.B.S Cinematografica (Rome), Balcázar Producciones Cinematográficas (Barcelona)]
Producers: Alessandro Jacovini, Augusto Silvestrini, Alfonso Balcazar
Director: Rod Gilbert (Romolo Girolami)
Story: Alfonso Balcázar
Screenplay: Giovanni Simonelli, José Antonio de la Loma (José Hernández), Alfonso Balcázar
Cinematography: Victor Monreal, Angelo Filippini [Eastmancolor, Techniscope]
Music: Gino Peguri
Song: “Cavalca cow boy”, “Seven Magnificent Guns” sung by I Marcellos Feral
Running time: 100 minutes
Timothy Allister Benson – Sean Flynn
Rodrigo Rodriguez – Fernando Sancho (Fernando Les)
Cora Lee/Coralie – Ida Galli
Corky – Poldo Bendandi (Leopoldo Bendandi)
Slim – Daniel Martín (José Martínez)
Brett Colson – Spartaco Conversi
Gray Eagle – Rafael Albaicín (Ignacio Esucdero)
Black Fox – Antonio Almorós (Ramón Almorós)
Bart – Frank Oliveras (Francisco Oliveras)
Cowboy – William Conroy
Abel – Tito Garcia (Pablo González)
Rodrigo’s wife – Silvana Bacci
Sheriff Coleman – Osvaldo Genazzani
With: Anita Todesco, Maruska Rossetti, Ivan Basta, L. Gallo

Timothy, a shy and well-mannered young man, after getting his law degree, moves to the West where he has inherited a gold mine. But his life soon becomes difficult, because the area is dominated by a rich Mexican, eager to take possession of Timothy’s mine. Rodriguez relentlessly kills all those who agree to work there. Luckily for Timothy, his faithful friend Corky, reduced to despair by the oppression of the Mexican, manages to track down and engage four of his brave comrades in arms: Black Fox, Abel, Brett and Burt. After arriving at the Timothy’s ranch, they endeavor to make him as soon as possible a perfect western hero. When Timothy proves to have learned the lessons he’s been taught, hostilities open taking place at different times resulting in a  large number of corpses. In the final showdown with the Mexican, Timothy is forced to fight with only the help of his girlfriend. But the heavy fire of the two allows the posse of friends to arrive in time for the total elimination of the band. Timothy, a man of law and now a happy groom, is elected sheriff of the now peaceful country.
Full Spanish language film: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EgfEEQoqbC8

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