Sunday, July 7, 2013

Spaghetti Western Locations

 Continuing with our search for film locations for “Death Rides a Horse”. After Ryan visits Burt Cavanaugh and demands he be paid $15,000, “One thousand for every year in jail, cash”. The scene switches to a couple of Cavanaugh’s bouncers throwing a negro out of his saloon. He lands at the feet of Bill, who has arrived in town. Bill helps the man up and listens to his tail that he was cheated at cards. Bill grabs him by the arm and leads him back into the saloon. After retrieving the man’s $30.00 and showing his skill with six-gun and fists the sheriff orders him arrested but Cavanaugh appears and states it was a case of self-defense.
This scene was shot at the Elios Studio saloon set.

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