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Who are Those Guys?... Erno Crisa


Ernesto Crisa was born in Bizerte, French Protectorate of Tunisia on March 10, 1942. Appeared in many European photo novels including the infamous Killing (aka Sadistik). He took an interest in the theater at a young age and decided to make it his career.

He moved to Paris, France and registered at the dancing school of the famous teacher and dancer Preobrajenska. In 1938 he competed in a Mister Muscle competition and won the European title for that year. In 1939 he participated in his first tour as a dancer. Then he joined a theater company and toured the world. Upon returning to France he was offered a film appearance in the the movie "Saint-Val's Mystery" with the actor already known in France Fernandel. then other French films before arriving in Italy and to join the theatre troup Wanda Osiris from whom he obtained a role in the "Grand Hotel" then he was presented to different film-makers of the Italian movie who gave him his first chance, Luigi Zampa took him in his film "Heart Without Border" in 1949 with Raf Vallone and also a new actress Gina Lollobridgida. Erno with his versatility in dancing, theatre and films, he was a complete artist and the expression in his face often brought him to play villainous roles until the beginning of the western films made in Italy. His films include "The Gold of Naples" (1957) and "Lady Chatterley's Lover" (1959), "The Cossacks" (1960) with Edmund Purdom and the Anne Heywood dramatic adaptation "Carthage in Flames" (1961). Later in his career, Crisa acted in the dramatic adaptation "Purple Noon" (1961) with Alain Delon.

On the evening of the April 5, 1968 while doing a movie at Cinecitta studios he was having pains in his head - it was a cerebral hemorrhage which lead to his death.

He made 90 films in his career with ups and downs but also television appearances and different theatre roles as well, it was at the age of 54 that he left the showbusiness.

Erno appeared in two Euo-westerns: “Pecos Cleans Up” (1966) and his last film appearance in “Sugar Colt” 1967.


CRISA, Erno (aka Tino Crisa, Erno Grisa, James Parker) (Ernesto Crisa) [3/10/1942, Bizerte, French Protectorate of Tunisia – 4/5/1968, Rome, Lazio, Italy (cerebral hemorrhage)] – theater, fotonovela, film, TV, voice actor, married to Giuseppina Ferri (19??–1968).

Sugar Colt – 1966 (Yonker/Younger) [as James Parker]

Pecos Cleans Up – 1967 (‘El Supremo’) – Erno Crisa (Ernesto Crisa)

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