Tuesday, February 8, 2022

New German Book Release ~ Stewart Granger - Männlichkeit auf der Leinwand








Stewart Granger - Männlichkeit auf der Leinwand

(Stewart Granger - Masculinity on the Screen)

Author: Reiner Boller


Country: Germany

Publisher: Books on Demand

Language: German

Pages: 432

ISBN-13: 9783755731160

Released: February 1, 2022


British actor Stewart Granger was one of the biggest Hollywood stars of the 1950s. King Solomon's Diamonds, Scaramouche, In the Shadow of the Crown, The Castle in the Shadow or Junction Bhowani were hits by the MGM star. In German film, the screen star, who once owned his own ranch in the USA, celebrated further successes in the 1960s as Westerner Old Surehand in the Winnetou films.

Stewart Granger - Masculinity on the Screen is the comprehensive biography about the star, which makes the hearts of many film fans beat faster to this day. Jimmy, as his friends called him, acted as the male hero on celluloid. His audience, both male and female, adored him not least because of his easy playing and his daring actions on screen. He was considered one of the best fencers in Hollywood of his time, went on dangerous safaris, lived the life of a rancher in the Wild West and embodied British elegance even in civilized clothing. Jimmy was the big game hunter Allan Quatermain, the rake Beau Brummell, the gentleman gangster Jeremy Fox, gave Sherlock Holmes or the infallible Karl May hero Old Surehand. The film partners of Stewart Granger, who had three marriages in his private life,

The biography brings the career and the person Stewart Granger to life and also gives insights into the dream factories of the classic film years. Internationally researched in archives in Hollywood, London and Berlin. In addition, long-time companions of the actor have their say exclusively. The biography of a real Hollywood star of yesteryear, but still not forgotten by film fans!

This edition is the hardcover edition of the book (a softcover version will be published at the same time)).

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