Monday, February 7, 2022

RIP Karl Spiehs


Austrian film producer and actor Karl Spiehs died in Vienna on January 27, 1922. He was 90. Spieh’s was born on February 20, 1931 in Blindendorf-Dunkelstein, Neunkirchen District, Austria and produced more than 160 films and television shows from 1961 to 2017. He’s best known for “Love, Lies, Passions” (2002), “Bloody Friday” (1972) and “Killer's Carnival” (1966). He was married to Elfriede and to actress Angelica Ott. He was the father of three children, one of which is Austrian filmmaker David Spiehs. Karl produced five Euro-westerns: “The Last Ride to Santa Cruz” and “Legend of a Gunfighter” both 1964, “Blood at Sundown” (1966), “Cry of the Black Wolves” (1972) and “Hellhounds of Alaska” (1973).

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