Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Recent Book Release

Le chiamavano colonne sonore. Golden 70's
(author Franco Micalizzi)

Country: Italy
Publisher: Viola Editrice
Language: Italian
Pages: 156
ISBN-10: 8898866690
ISBN-13: 978-8898866694
Released: June 5, 2017

With Le chiamavano colonne sonore. Golden 70's "They called them Soundtracks - Golden 70s" the author takes us by the hand and leads us on a journey that intertwines with some of the most significant events of recent decades; it guides us through a journey that lasts a lifetime and marks every gesture, from his triumphs to his most bitter disappointments, without ever stopping and without renouncing to experiment. In this book Franco Micalizzi - author, musician, composer, successful author and innovator - puts order among his memories, through the images, the colors, and above all the sounds of half a century of History.

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