Saturday, April 7, 2018

Who Are Those Composers ~ Felice Di Stefano

Felice Di Stefano was born in Arpino, Lazio, Italy in 1915. He was the brother of composer of Gianfranco Di Stefano. Little is known about the man even though he was one of the main composers of the Spaghetti western genre with 13 scores. In all he’s credited with 24 film scores. Di Stefano was sometimes credited as Felix Di Stefano and occasionally worked with his brother on compositions. Un fortunately none of his western scores are available on CD. Only “Ramon the Mexican” and “Blood at Sundown” were released on 45s.

Felice died in Rome, Italy in 1995.

Di STEFANO, Felice (aka Felix De Stephen) [1915, Arpino, Lazio, Italy – 1995, Rome, Lazio, Italy] – composer, conductor, songwriter, brother of composer Gianfranco Di Stefano.
Blood at Sundown - 1965
The Sheriff Won’t Shoot - 1965
A Stranger in Sacramento – 1965
Go With God, Gringo - 1966
Ramon the Mexican - 1966
Born to Kill – 1967
Cjamango - 1967
Don't Wait, Django... Shoot! – 1967
God May Forgive You… I Won’t – 1967
Quintana: Dead or Alive - 1969
Brother Outlaw – 1970 (co)
Ringo, It's Massacre Time – 1970
The Sheriff of Rock Springs - 1971

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