Friday, April 27, 2018

Sergio Leone at the BFI Southbank

From Monday  2  April – Monday  30  April, BFI  Southbank will  celebrate  one  of  the  undisputed  masters  of  cinema, Sergio  Leone.  While  they  may  not  have  been  the  first  spaghetti  westerns,  Leone's  Dollars  trilogy  of A  Fistful  of Dollars (1964), For  a  Few Dollars  More (1965)  and The  Good,  the  Bad  and  the  Ugly (1966)  are  certainly  the  best known – they  paved  the  way  for  Clint  Eastwood  to  break  Europe  and  for  Leone  to  have  an  enduring  influence  on cinema.  As  part of  the  season, A  Fistful  of  Dollars will  screen  on  extended  run from Friday 13 April,  when  it  is  re-released in selected cinemas by Park Circus.

Schedule of events for Friday April 27, 2018:

During the Mexican Revolution in 1913, a bandit and a fugitive British explosives expert reluctantly end up working together in a tale that Leone used to reflect the political instability and violence rocking Italy at the time. The growing trust between the two men is given more time to develop than in Leone’s other films, and though often overshadowed by his previous work, his final western is a rarely seen treat.

FRI 27, APR, 18:30 “A Fistful of Dynamite” (Duck You Sucker)

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