Thursday, April 12, 2018

Thirst for Revenge

Thirst for Revenge – English title

A 2017 British, U.S.A. co-production
Producers:  Adam Michael Gold, Paul Vernon
Director: Paul Vernon
Story: John Porter
Screenplay: John Porter
Cinematography: Paul Vernon [color]
Music: Grégoire Lourme, Aaron Watson
Running time: 35 minutes

Sodbuster – Tony Booth
Rancher – Adam Michael Gold
Sheriff - Tobias Tolnay
Cowboys - Richard Calvert, Brandon Gomez
Stunt coordinator: Adam Michael Gold

A troubled Texas Ranger who, having taken his revenge out on the "outlaw" who killed his Pa, discovers the truth about the father he loved. Now riddled with guilt, he has taken to drink and joined up as an unofficial sheriff with an unscrupulous rancher called Henry Brooks. But a small time farmer has moved onto the land adjacent to Brook's ranch - but he is not all he seems.

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