Monday, April 23, 2018

European Western Comic Books ~ I Banditi del West

Series XII: ALBI DELL'ORIMENTO. The twelfth and last in the series consists entirely of reprints of various characters. It made its debut with JIMMY AND JOHNNY (JJ), originally published on the LITTLE KING STORIES series, followed by OKEY JIM (OK) from BELLE ADVENTURE, FRISCO JIM (FJ), TEXAS FALCO (FT), the entire series of LITTLE KING (PR ), also the golden book version was reassembled in eleven volumes with double numbering and its own series numbers and the collective series numbers. The series ends with the reprints of two episodes of RED BRANDON (RB) and JOE COLT (JC). The collection, consisted of 288 pages, it varied depending on how many episodes were grouped in each small volume. Announced, but never published was the number 37 "Bill Rock, the Hero of the West".

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