Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Who Are Those Guys? ~ Giuseppe Cardone

Giuseppe Cardone is an Italian actor who began his career in fotoromanzi magazines. He appeared in 16 films from 1968-1977 usually as a character actor playing bartenders, poker players, saloon patrons, etc.

Beginning in 1980 and continuing until 1984 Giuseppe shows up in hard core Italian sex films none of which he took part in any erotic scenes but again was a character actor showing up in the background of scenes none of which were westerns.

CARDONE, Giuseppe [Italian] – fotoromanzi, film actor.
Blood Calls to Blood – 1968 (monk)
Fast Hand is Still My Name – 1973 (Barkeeper)
Kill and Pray – 1973 (bartender)
A Man Called Blade – 1977 (poker player)

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