Sunday, November 12, 2017

Sad Hill Unearthed

Sad Hill Unearthed – International title

A 2016 Spanish production [Zapruder Pictures (Madrid), Sadhill Desenterrado AIE (Burgos)]
Producer: Luisa Cowell, Guillermo De Oliveira
Director: Guillermo Fernández De Oliveira
Story: Guillermo De Oliveira
Screenplay: Guillermo De Oliveira
Photography: Ezequiel Romero [color]
Music: Zeltia Montes
Running time:

Ennio Morricone, Clint Eastwood (Clinton Eastwood Jr.), Carlo Leva, Sergio Salvati, Eugenio Alabiso Sir Christopher Frayling, Peter J. Hanley, Stephen Leigh, James Hetfield, Ezequiel Romero, Sergio García (Sergio Hernández), Luisa Rosselló Cowell, David Alba, Joseba del Valle, Juls Gars, Zeltia Montes, Iñaki Villuendas, Joseba Del Valle Barrio, Metallica, Diego Montero Huerta, Albert Everest, David AR, Alex de la Iglesia, Joe Dante

Sad Hill Unearthed is a full length documentary about the amazing story behind one of the most important locations in film history. We explore the dreams and motivations behind the fans but also the transformation of art, music and film in a substitute for religion.In 1966 the Spanish Army built a huge cemetery with over 5000 graves at Mirandilla Valley in Burgos for the final sequence in the film "The Good the Bad and the Ugly". After the shooting, the whole place was left behind and for 49 years, nature covered every tomb.

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