Sunday, November 19, 2017

Who Are Those Composers ~ Willy Brezza

Willy Guglielmo Brezza was an Italian composer, pianist and conductor, born January 2, 1935 in Rome, Lazio, Italy. In 1961 was a Jazz pianist, and after that worked as a singer in the vocal group 2 + 2 Di Nora Orlandi., He then dedicated himself completely to being an arranger. In 1964 he realized great success with rearranging Il Silenzio by trumpeter Nini Rosso. In 1965 he wrote with Giosi Capuano Lei Dice sung by Mario Zelinotti. In the decade 1967-77 he was the author of a dozen film scores, most of which are directed by Bruno Corbucci. He was also the author of some tunes for Perchè Si Uccidono the only movie by Mauro Macario in 1976.
Brezza was involved with Euro-western films mainly as a conductor but did score two films: Hate for Hate in 1967 and Now They Call Him Sacramento in 1972.

BREZZA, Willy (aka Willi Brezza, Willy Colombaioni, Willy Newcomb) (Willy Guglielmo Brezza) [1/2/1935, Rome, Lazio, Italy – 12/31/1996, Rome, Lazio, Italy] – composer, conductor, arranger, musician (piano).
In the Shadow of a Colt* – 1965 [conductor, arranger]
Dynamite Jim* – 1966 [conductor]
A Taste of Killing* – 1966 [conductor]
Hate for Hate - 1967
Bury Them Deep* 1968 [conductor]
I Want Him Dead* – 1968 [conductor]
Now They Call Him Sacramento - 1972
     Song: “Sundown Son” sung by Dream Bags

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