Sunday, November 26, 2017

On serait des Indiens

On serait des Indiens – French title

A 2015 French production [SYNOVIE (Paris)]
Producers: Olivier Arnold, Olivier Hansz, Adrien Michel, Mathieu Winckel
Director: Olivier Arnold, Mathieu Winckel
Story: Olivier Arnold, Mathieu Winckel
Screenplay: Olivier Arnold, Mathieu Winckel
Cinematography: Adrien Michel
Music: Benoît Messinger
Song: “Three Bears” sung by Allan Ros Trio
Running time: 8 minutes

Elliott – Elliott Arnold,
Felix – Félix Arnold
With: Olivier Arnold, Anne-Christelle Jaffres-Arnold, Serge Herbrecht, Brice Herbrecht, Sébastien Boulmier, Marie Pintiau, Victorien Iannone, Anna Pintiau, Fleur Ziegler-Munck 

Me and my brother Félix often play Indians. We imagine ourselves exploring the woods with our headgears and bows. Calling the spirit of great Indian chief Blue Horse. Attacking trains on horseback. But today for Félix’s birthday, it’ll be different. Today we won’t play. This time we’ll be Indians, for real!

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