Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Hollywood Shoots in Spain (1955-1980)

Hollywood Rueda en Espana, 1955-1980
Hollywood Shoots in Spain, 1955-1980

A 2017 Spanish production
Producer: Lourdes Sánchez
Director: Francisco Rodríguez (Francisco Fernandez)
Screenplay: Francisco Rodríguez (Francisco Fernandez), Manuel Espin
Cinematography: Andrés Torres [color]
Music: Francisco Cuenca
Running time: 108 minutes

Narrator – Antonio Esquivias

This documentary takes you on a tour throughout the 25 years in which Spain became an immense film set, analyzing the different reasons why the American producers moved their filming here, and what that era of fascination  meant from an economic, political and social pont  of view.

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