Friday, November 17, 2017

Outland: Beyond the Far West

Outland: Beyond the Far West – English title

A 2015 British, Spanish co-production [Wet Dreams Entertainment (Madrid)]
Producers: Alfred Hgecock, Bobby Perú, Mapi Alvarez, Jaime Carrucho
Directors: Bobby Perú, Archivald Widwicky Jr.
Story: Archivald Widwicky Jr.
Screenplay: Archivald Widwicky Jr.
Cinematography: Jou Malou
Music: Archivald Widwicky Jr.         
Running time: 146 minutes

Rachel – Dahlia Sky
Tribal girl Tiffany Doll
Kathleen – Alexis Crystal
Rendfield – Evan Stone
Sandor Kalimdor – Nacho Vidal
Sheriff Driscoll – Max Cortés
Prisoner – Cathy Heaven
Justine – Silvia Rubi
Lazam – Rob Diesel
Bleg – Javier Rubio
Donovan – Ignacio Carrion
Tribal Chief – Jairo Calderon
Tribal clan member – Manuel Belloc, Ramon Garcia, Francisco Mancebo, Hector Mesa
Village slave – Julian C., Francisco Mancebo, Manuel Ruiz, Ruben Santoja
With: Ryan Ryder

Sandor Kalimdor defeats The Oaxville's sheriff and takes his daughter as his sexual slave. The only one that can stop him is Rendfield, a retired and isolated hero trying to live in peace as a farmer.

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  1. Hoping to review this one at Slap Bookleather later this year.