Monday, December 16, 2013

Who Are Those Guys? - Tolben Bille

Torben Bille Christophersen was born on October 31, 1945 in Køge, Denmark. Torben first became involved with show business when he joined a traveling troupe of artists as a child. Bille worked behind-the-scenes on a number of movies as either a property master or a stage manager. He achieved his greatest enduring cult cinema popularity with his unforgettably creepy and unnerving portrayal of the depraved and sadistic Olaf in the notoriously nasty exploitation sickie "The Sinful Dwarf" (1973). Torben's other film roles were often strictly minor parts (he was the sole dwarf actor in Denmark in his day). He appeared as a bartender in his only Euro-western, 1971’s “Gold for the Tough Guys of the Prairie”. Bille continued to work in the adult entertainment industry, most notably on Werner Hedman's enormously successful "Sign" series. He was rumored to be married to fetching blonde Anne Sparrow (his female co-star in "The Sinful Dwarf"), and reportedly was the host of a children's TV show prior to working on more down-'n'-dirty adult-oriented fare, and even had quite the reputation as a ladies' man. Torben Bille died at the young age of 47 on July 22, 1993 in Denmark.
BILLE, Torben (aka T. Bille) (Torben Bille Christophersen) [10/31/1945, Køge, Denmark - 7/22/1993, Denmark] – dwarf, TV actor.
Gold for the Tough Guys of the Prairie - 1971 (bartender)

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