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La parola di un fuorilegge... è legge! - Italian title
La lunga cavalcata - Italian title
Cavalgada infernal - Brazilian title
Veriset ratsastajat - Finnish title
La chevauchée terrible - French title
Einen vor den latz geknallt - German title
Tote brauchen keine Dollars - German title
Der Schwarze Cowboy - German title
Osiemdziesiat szesc tysiecy dolarów - Polish title
Cavalgada fantastica - Portuguese title
Cursa Grea - Romanian title
Por la senda más dura - Spanish title
Den våldsamma flykten - Swedish title
Take Another Hard Ride - English title
Take a Hard Ride - U.S.A. title
A 1975 U.S.A., Italian co-production [Fox Fanfare Music (Hollywood), Euro-General (Rome)]
Producers: Harry Benson, Leon Chooluck
Director: Anthony M. Dawson (Antonio Margheriti)
Story: Jerry Ludwig (Jerrod L. Ludwig, Eric Bercovici (Enrico Bercovici)
Screenplay: Jerry Ludwig (Jerrod L. Ludwig, Eric Bercovici (Enrico Bercovici)
Cinematography: Riccardo Pallottini [De Luxe color, widescreen]
Music: Jerry Goldsmith (Jerald Goldsmith)
Frank Pike - Jim Brown (James Brown)
Peter Kiefer - Lee Van Cleef (Clarence Van Cleef, Jr.)
Tyree - Fred Williamson (Frederick Williamson)
Catherine - Catherine Spaak
Kashtok - Jim Kelly (James Kelly)
Sheriff Kane - Barry Sullivan (Patrick Sullivan)
Bob Morgan - Dana Andrews (Carver Andrews)
Duper - Harry Carey, Jr. (Henry Carey, Jr.)
Skave - Robert Donner
Cloyd - Charles McGregor
Cangey - Leonard Smith
Halsey - Ronald Howard
Calvera - Ricardo Palacios (Ricardo Diez)
Chico - Robin Levitt
Angel - Buddy Joe Hooker
Ned - Hal Needham (Harold Needham)
Card player - Paul Costello

Mr. Morgan has finished a cattle drive north from Mexico into the United States, which has earned $ 86,000, before he dies of a sudden heart attack he entrusts the money to his ramrod Frank Pike to deliver the money to his wife Linda, who lives in Sonora. During the trip to Mexico, Pike is pursued by a bounty hunter, Peter Kiefer, who in order to help him succeed in his endeavor hires several outlaws and even teams up with the bandit Calvera and his whole gang. Pike, however, finds an ally in Tyree, a gunman and professional card sharp. At a critical point in the journey the two save a woman, a former prostitute, who, in order to help the two, pretends to steal the bag of money and draws upon her the machine gun fire of the bounty hunters. Before the last decisive showdown, Pike entrusts money to little Chico and then hides in an abandoned mine that he intends to blow up. By a miracle, Pike and Tyree are swept into a river and swim to safety, the two friends then once again head toward Sonora.

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