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Un dollaro tra i denti – Italian title
A Stranger in Town – U.S.A. title
Dollari hampaissa – Finnish title
Un dollar entre les dents – French title
Ein Dollar zwiscvhen den Zahnen – German title
Ena dollario anamesa sta dontia – Greek title
Um dolar no dentes – Portuguese title
Un dólar entre los dientes – Spanish title
En dollar mellan tanderna – Swedish title
For a Dollar in the Teeth – U.K. title
A Dollar Between the Teeth – English title
A Stranger in Town – English title
A 1966 Italian, U.S.A. co-production [Primex Italiana (Rome), Taka Productions (New York)]
Producers: Carlo Infascelli, Roberto Infascelli, Massimo Gualdi, Allen V. Klein
Director: Vance Lewis (Luigi Vanzi)
Story: Warren Garfield, Jone Mang (Giuseppe Mangione)
Screenplay: Warren Garfield, Jone Mang (Giuseppe Mangione)
Cinematography: Marcello Masciocchi [Metrocolor, widescreen]
Music: Benedetto Ghiglia
Running time: 86 minutes
‘The Stranger’ – Tony Anthony (Roger Petitto)
Aguila – Frank Wolff (Walter Wolff)
Cica/Chica – Yolanda Modio (Jolando Modio)
Maria Pilar/Maruca – Gia Sandri
Corgo – Raf Baldassarre (Raffaelle Baldassarre)
Marinero – Aldo Berti
Priest – Antonio Marsina
Village women – Rosella Bergamonti (Rossella Bergamonti), Angela Minervini
Captain Cordoba – Fortunato Arena
Mexican soldier – Elio Angelucci (Aurelio Angelucci)
Lieutenant Ted ‘George’ Harris/Stafford – Lars Bloch
Aguila henchmen – Ivan Scott (Giovanni Scratuglia), Salvatore Puntillo
Mexican bandit – Nicola Di Gioa
With: Enrico Capoleoni, Arturo Corso, Ugo Carbone (Ugo Carboni), Loris Bazzocchi

"The Stranger", a young drifter, disguised as a U.S. Army Captain, helps the bandit Aguila to take possession of a large amount of gold, but when, as part of the deal, he goes to claim his share of the booty, he is laughed at and beaten by Aguila’s henchmen. Determined to take revenge, "The Stranger" follows the men of Aguila, who seize him again and put him through a series of tortures by a sadistic young woman who turns out to be the woman of Aguila. "The Stranger" manages to escape and then one by one he eliminates the henchmen facing Aguila in the end who he kills in a duel. Finally the sole owner of the spoils, the surviving cavalry soldier, Lieutenant Stafford of the U.S. Army from which the gold had been stolen by fraud and violence. "The Stranger", then returns the gold a receives a reward for the extermination of the gang.
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