Friday, December 13, 2013

Happy 80th Birthday Manuel Gil

Manuel Gil Huidobro was born on December 13, 1933 in Cervera del Rio Alhama, La Rioja, Spain. Manuel attended the University Theatre of Zaragoza on a platform that allows you to enter the theater first in Spanish and then in the María Guerrero, where he worked for several seasons before he started appearing regularly in film and television. In the latter starring programs like “¿Cuál es tu final?”, “Stop o La clase media”. He also appeared on the Spanish TV series, “Ramón y Cajal” directed by José María Forqué, (1982) and “Goya” directed by José Ramón Larraz (1985), among others. His first success on the big screen came in 1960 with “Botón de ancla”, which made him one of the most popular young Spanish actors of the 1960s. From that moment on, his filmography expanded to more than 70 films shot in Spain, Italy and Mexico, ranging from starring roles to secondary supporting roles.
Gil has appeared in only one Euro-western as Lou Clark in 1965’s “Renegade Gunfighter” directed by Silvio Amadio and starring Zachary Hatcher and Pier Angeli.
Still semi-active today in we celebrate Manuel Gil’s 80th birthday.

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