Saturday, December 21, 2013

Happy 90th Birthday Manuel Bronchud

Manuel Bronchud i Guison was born on December 21, 1923 in Barcelona, Cataluna, Spain. This character actor has appeared in over 95 film and television appearances since his first film “Relato policíaco” in 1954. His last appearance as of today was in the TV series ‘La Riera’ in 2010. Manuel has also appeared on stage in “TV 2000” in 1973. Bronchud was also billed as Broncaud, Brinchoud and Brochard. Manuel also did voice dubbing and was the Spanish voice of Sergio Dore in “Dig Your Grave Friend... Sabata’s Coming” (1971).
During his career he has appeared in ten Euro-westerns from “5 Giants from Texas” in 1966 to “Dallas” in 1974.
Today we celebrate Manuel Bronchud’s 90th birthday.

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